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based on the Science of Story

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Stuck? Get Moving

using the science of story to understand how life works


how you got to where you are


to the place where life works


in everything you do



"This model has absolutely changed the way I view life and relationships. I no longer see people or experiences as life happening 'to me', but instead I have grown to understand and own my story. I use it more intentionally now and live to value others in a way I never considered in the past. I am grateful to this project as a means to an explanation and a sense of peace that I've been seeking for a very long time. Thank you!!!!!!!"


"It's amazing how much I learned about myself during the process and sessions with Mr. Witte! Every session I left feeling more confident in who I am and my purpose. He helped me understand how everything we talked about is applied to everyday life. It's so true and I can easily apply what I've learned to my everyday decisions. I recommend anyone who feels like they're stuck in life, or even if you don't feel stuck but just want to see how you can be your best you throughout life, give this a try & commit!"


"This man, this project, is very powerful. Anyone 'stuck' in life NEEDS to do this. Period. Soo much freedom to be had. Life without purpose isn't living, it's just survival. We were designed for soo much more. Witte has discovered the key to unlocking this. Get free as I did. Game changer!"


based on the Science of Story

Meet in person or by video conference to apply the Science of Story to your life.

Designed for small groups or those that want to go through the Istoria process on their own.

Relationships a mess?

Think you ought to be further along than you are by now?

Ever tried to change, but can’t?


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